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MU Online Cheats

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Thông Tin coldboy
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Sat Jul 16, 2011 6:38 am

Chủ đề : MU Online Cheats

MU Online

Bonus character:
Select any normal character class and get to level 220 to unlock the Magic
Gladiator at the character selection screen.

Easy money:
Go to Lorencia. Go to the blacksmith and buy the first gold weapon and sell it.
It will be sold for a higher price thah it was bought.

Easy money:
Note: This trick is considered cheating and may result in action by the Mu Online
Admins. It requires you to be in Lorencia or be able to /warp (must be Level 50);
or know your way there. It also requires 100,000 Zen in starting money.
Once you are at Lorencia, talk to Liaman the Barmaid (Location: 125,133). She sells
all kinds of equipment. The item that you are looking for is the "Jewell Of Bless".

Although it says you can buy this for 9,000,000 Zen, you can actually buy this
item for 100,000z. Once you have brought a Jewell Of Bless, sell it again. When you
sell it, you will gain 3,000,000z. Do this repeatedly to get the desired amount of
Zen. The Jewell Of Bless can also be used to upgrade an item's level by one.

Duplicate items:
To do this you must be able to teleport (at least level 50). First, press I to
display your inventory and click the item to be duplicated. Then, press [Enter]
and type /go lorencia or /go noria. Do not press [Enter] again yet. While you
are "holding" the item, left-click to "put back" the item in your inventory and
press [Enter] to teleport at the same time.

Note: You must left click and press [Enter] simutaneously. When you check your
inventory, you will have the duplicated item.

Enter one of the following case-sensitive messages to perform the corresponding

No gesture: /Don't or /Never
Arm pump: /OK
Beckon someone: /Come
Bow: /Hello or /Thanks
Clap: /Good, /Nice, or /Wow
Cross arms: /-_-
Head scratch: /; or /Sorry
Kneel: /Respect
Laugh: /^^ or /Haha
Lead your men forward: /Rush
Points to where you are facing: /That
Raise both arms: /beat it or /Great
Rub arms: /Cold or /hurts
Sadness: /Sad
Salute: /Sir
Cry: /Cry or /T_T or /Sad
Victory pose : /Victory or /Win
Wave: /Bye

Lorencia locations:
135,127: Town Center
147,143: Warehouse (1)
147,109: Warehouse (2)
215,243: Noria entrance (level 10)
9,40: Davias entrance (level 15)
123,228: Dungeon entrance (level 20)
65,129: Alex (Shop)
184,136: Peddler (1) (Shop)
8,144: Peddler (2) (Shop)
127,85: Potion Girl (Shop)
125,133: Liaman the Barmaid (Shop)
119,113: Pasi the Wizard (Shop)
118,140: Hans the Blacksmith (Shop)
76,144: Safe House

Noria locations:
196,123: Craftsman (Elf weapons)
173,124: Elf Lala (Armor and pots)
173,95: Warehouse
180,102: Goblin Chaos Machine (combine items)
149,8: Lorencia entrance (level 10)
240,242: Atlans entrance (level 70)

Davias locations:
215,47: Guild Master (level 100)
219,61: Warehouse
188,48: Weapon Merchant
228,24: Barmaid
227,40: Wizard (pots and spells)
9,77: Merchant
10,26: Castle (1)
225,237: Castle (2)
4, 247: Lost Tower entrance

Atlans locations:
14,12: Gate to Noria
16,226: Gate to Tarkan

Dungeon locations:
109,243: Dungeon (Entrance)
232,124: Dungeon 2 (Entrance)
4,84: Dungeon 3 (Entrance 1)
29,125: Dungeon 3 (Exit to Dungeon 2)

Lost Tower locations:
209,78: Lobby(safe zone)
163,3: Lost Tower Entrance
243,238: Lost Tower 2
88,167: Lost Tower 3
87,87: Lost Tower 4
130,54: Lost Tower 5
54,54: Lost Tower 6
7,86: Lost Tower 7

Safe spots in Davias:
Outside the town of Davias, there are some safe spots. when entering these spots,
you cannot attack or being attacked. It works as if you entering a town.
The coordination of these spots are:

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MU Online Cheats

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